Wednesday August 20, 2014

Nokia N8 Unboxing

Sorry it took time for me to post this. I got a Nokia N8 at Amazon during Thanksgiving. For a while, Amazon had the green one at $100 off. Good thing I waited for a few more weeks as they offered the gray one at $120 off. Nice.

My good pal Mark Guim of The Nokia Blog has done a good job reviewing the N8 so I won’t be doing another review here. What I would be doing however, is to share my experiences of the N8 as well as Symbian^3 in the future.

Anyway, here’s my complete unboxing pics. I hope you enjoy them:


Apple passes RIM to take #1 Smartphone spot in the U.S.

Accordnig to Nielsen, 29.7 million already own smartphones in the U.S. On October 2010, Apple (iOS)  finally passes RIM (Blackberry OS) to take the #1 spot in the U.S. Google (Android) is not too far behind. BGR predicts that Android will become #1 as early as 1Q of 2011.


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/mobility Relaunch

Things are getting quite exciting on the mobile space with several new mobile platforms emerging and maturing in hyperspeed. As a mobile enthusiast and a tech junkie, I wouldn’t want to just cheer for a certain platform, I would rather get involved and experience what each can offer.

My name is Reggie Suplido and welcome to the relaunch of my /mobility blog. This blog aims to share my thoughts and first hand experiences with the different mobile platforms.